AE Excellence Program Kicks Off at 302

Three senior members and six cadets from Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302 began a series of Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) lessons and activities on June 4, 2018. This series of lessons and activities is planned to run through December 2018.

AEX is an aerospace education framework supported by CAP National Headquarters to promote integrated academic lessons and hands-on activities for cadets, senior members, and school classrooms (external AE). NHQ has set a minimum annual standard for the AEX program, which consists of six hour-long academic lessons and one two-hour field activity.

At 302, the squadron plans to complete the AEX program by incorporating an hour-long AE academic lesson into the regular cadet program schedule. Then, the first Saturday each month, there will be a four-hour hands-on period to reinforce the theoretical learning with practical experience.

The AEX activities are taking full advantage of 302’s facilities. The academic lessons utilize the squadron’s classroom facilities, and the first activity incorporated model glider flight tests in the squadron’s hangar.

Squadron 302 will increase aerospace education contact hours to a minimum of five hours per month for its cadets by following this coordinated AEX schedule.

–Contributed by 1st Lt. Nic Fuqua, CAP, Deputy Commander for Cadets, Deer Valley Composite Squadron